Mainframe as a service: Myth Buster 003 - HASSEM PRAG
Myth003 - Mainframes are secure and have advanced features. Mainframe security has advanced so myth not busted.
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Mainframe Myth Busters: Mainframes are secure and have advanced features

So for a mainframe that has been around for many decades, security is fundamental to its core. Any compromise across any processes will be detrimental to a business and could result in serious damages. When compared to other servers, what makes a mainframe different? Well, it is not just a cage with processors, memory and disks. It has a robust, proprietary “bus” architecture with a cryptography framework which is fully integrated into this “bus” architecture. The cryptography cards installed on the mainframe are also FIPS level 4 certified which is the highest level available for certification. As per all standards, certification is one aspect that ensures secured privacy and protection of your data, transactions, and personal information, but cyber security requires more than just certification. The mainframe hardware combined with robust designed software and systems create a multi-tiered approach around security to ensure protection at various levels.

So what must be considered to ensure a well-designed application on the mainframe:

  • Provide additional end to end encryption using cryptographic processes that operate over and above normal SSL(TLS).
  • Through processes, we introduce, as part of software engineering and DEVSECOPS, we create our CUBE framework to build and tier security across different levels.
  • Dedicated engines to help you manage BOT and DDOS attacks
  • Data at rest, data in-transit and data in memory are fully encrypted through our CUBE processes ensuring full compliancy.
  • Checker-Maker concepts to ensure no one person can be compromised.

Come chat to us on how we can enhance your security framework on a mainframe.

Mainframe security has advanced so – Myth not busted.