It’s more than success to you, It’s more than technology to us – Jay Prag - HASSEM PRAG
It's more than success to you. It's more than technology to us.
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It’s more than success to you,

It’s more than technology to us – Jay Prag

Success is defined in the dictionary as a “favourable or desired outcome”. “It’s more than success to you” creates an environment within which we serve with passion and create a journey of success through innovative ideas and exponential thinking.


This creates a framework where our customers become a lot more understanding of the world view on matters that impact their strategy and vision.


Failure creates an awareness around what went wrong and provides a stepping stone to do better. Success can create an illusion that you are doing well and can result in arrogant behaviours so the key is to remain humble in everything that you do to ensure success becomes persistent.

“It’s more than technology to us” is all about ensuring we clearly understand the vision and strategy of our customers to drive ideas from concept to practical implementation. We view technology as an enabler and therefore technology itself must never be a means to an end. A common problem is where technology is constantly used to solve business needs, without a clear understanding of the need. This results in cost to income ratios which are far higher as the business need is not entirely met or not met at all.


A decision to invest in any technology must only be made with a more practical view which allows for a use case to be prototyped before investing in a specific technology. We only use technology to ensure it acts as an enabler to the business need. An enabler allows for the correct outcomes if the business need is clearly understood allowing business to move forward with greater intent.

It’s more than success to you, It’s more than technology to us.

by Jay Prag

Jay Prag

It’s more than success to you, It’s more than technology to us.

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