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It's more than success to you. It's more than technology to us.
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Why we started Hassem Prag – Jay Prag

There are two things about life that we only learn as we gain wisdom. Thinking like an employee or thinking like an entrepreneur. These profound views have far reaching implications.


Thinking like an employee implies you go to work, do your stuff and come back home.  Career becomes important and you work for a career with all the corporate grandeur and politics that go with the job. You are effectively sheep led by a leader. As you get higher in the ranks, you become more governed into this way of thinking.


Working at a corporate felt good and created many good life experiences, however, there was always something lurking inside us to become entrepreneurs. The missing link was a piece of the puzzle that came into being in 2016. This piece allowed us to think differently which resulted in us making the move to start Hassem Prag.


This is where our wisdom through a set of circumstances started a journey into thinking like an entrepreneur. To really give this new thinking a chance, a decision was made to leave the comfort zones that is evident in corporates to a zone where you are building from the bottom up with a high degree of uncertainty, no income, but with a passion to succeed. We took the plunge and soon realised that the challenge is remarkably different to working in a corporate. In fact, there are no comparisons, except for the knowledge, skills and Intellectual Property which we call Hassem Prag.


Things we were led to believe all fall away and reality sinks in. You are in it to make a success so your single most important driver is your sheer will to move forward. Decisions become a lot easier and you become a lot more nimble, quick and extremely grateful and humbled at the opportunity.

There are two things about life that we only learn as we gain wisdom. Thinking like an employee or thinking like an entrepreneur.

by Jay Prag

Jay Prag

Why we started Hassem Prag

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