Is your platform built like the Terminator but flexible as playdough?

Our software is crafted to be both sturdy and adaptable, facilitating transactional events in digital ecosystems. Whatever CX or digital product vision you have, we’ve seen it and done it all before (we’ve got the scars to prove it too).

You know that digital bank?

We built it.

Industries that bank on agile ecosystems.

On Prem?
who cares.
We’ll know what’s best for you once we look under the hood of your digital ecosystem.
If it’s fit for purpose, we will modernise it.
If not, we will transform it.
In either case, we’ll do it frugally.

Digital solutions you can bank on. Literally.

We’re the team behind SAs techiest financial institutions. If you’re experiencing trust issues with your systems, we can resolve them.

Are you here for
Lean-code solutions?

Financial Services Platform

Mobile App

Customer Onboarding

Data Warehouse

Financial Reconciliations

“HP Hydra™ is different. If you cut off one option, two grow back
Ivone Da Silva

They bank on us.

Our Software keeps billions of transactional events moving swiftly and safely every day.

“Driving Innovation with Their Expertise”

Instrumental in making us the World’s Most Innovative Bank. Their expertise and solutions gave us the edge we needed.

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You’re not gonna like
hearing this one…

If you want to ignore the elephants in your
ecosystem, don’t call us.

But if you’re brave enough to hear the “bad news,” it could end up saving you millions. Plus, you’ll never hear us say, “Overhaul!” until we’ve turned over every stone in search of a more frugal solution.

But these, you might like…

Change, fix, or build your engine while you’re flying the plane still driving the car

We pay hackers to hack us

You want the code? Sure - we’ll support you!

We revolutionised SA banking and we have the scars to prove it

90 days


Inside a 2-week to 3-month window, we create your project plan, establish clear deliverables and assemble the necessary team and resources to ensure flawless execution.


An agile design approach produces progress reports every 90 days. So you can track your budget and make informed decisions faster and smarter.


We hit your KPIs. We regroup and refocus on hitting the next set. Or, if you want to exit, we’ll transfer all our code and knowledge to your team.

Tell us about the Solution you needed yesterday.